1. Smart Poultry Farm Incorporating GSM and IOT
  2. System Designing and Plototyping on IOT for a Factory
  3. IOT Based Poultry House Monitoring
  4. An Educational IOT-based Indoor Environment Monitoring System
  5. Web Monitoring And Speed Control Of Solar Based Bldc Motor With IOT
  6. Fish Talk: An IOT-Based Mini Aquarium System
  7. Design and Implementation of an IOT based Automated Agricultural Monitoring and Control System
  8. Development of Smart Cooking Stove: Harvesting Energy from the Heat, Gas Leakage Detection and IOT Based Notification System
  9. Designing and Implementing Resilient IOT Applications in the Fog: A Smart Home Use Case
  10. A Smart Home Automation and Metering System using Internet of Things (IOT)
  11. Smart Water Management in Agricultural Land Using IOT
  12. IOT Based Express-Lanes for Autonomous Vehicle
  13. Smart Water Management System using the Microcontroller ZR16S08 as IOT Solution
  14. A low-cost monitoring system for maximum power point of a photovoltaic system using IOT technique
  15. IOT and CloudBased Energy Monitoring and Simulation Platform
  16. The development of IOT-wetting front detector (IOT-WFD) for efficient Irrigation management and decision support system
  17. Green Resource Allocation based on Deep Reinforcement Learning in Content-Centric IOT
  18. An IOT-based Sag Monitoring System for Overhead Transmission Lines
  19. Privacy Ensured e-Healthcare for Fog-Enhanced IOT Based Applications
  20. Smart Waste Collection Monitoring and Alert System via IOT
  21. Infrastructure Monitoring and Operation for Smart Cities based on IOT system
  22. Analysis of Smart helmets and Designing an IOT based smart helmet: A cost effective solution for Riders
  23. A Voice Based One Step Solution for Bulk IOT Device Onboarding
  24. Design of a Two-Tier WSN-based IOT Surveillance System with Cloud Integration
  25. IOT Application for Real-Time Monitoring of Solar Home Systems Based on Arduino
  26. Smart Contract-Based Access Control for the Internet of Things
  27. Internet of Things Monitoring System of Modern Eco-Agriculture Based on Cloud Computing
  28. Improving supply chain visibility using IOT-internet of things
  29. A Combination of Astable Multivibrator and Microcontroller for Thermistor-Based Temperature Measurement Over Internet
  30. Forest Fire Alerting System With GPS Co-ordinates Using IOT
  31. Real Time Bus Tracking and Location Updation System
  32. An Automated Waste Control Management System (AWCMS) by Using Arduino
  33. Smart Power Monitoring System Using IOT
  34. Gas Level Detection and Automatic Booking Using IOT
  35. Charging Station for E-Vehicle using Solar with IOT
  36. Investigation on Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and Alert System for Vehicles
  37. IOT-based Intelligent Waste Bin