Embedded Projects


  1. Arduino Based IOT Device for Septuagenarian Fall Detection
  2. Design and Development of IOT based Robotic Arm by using Arduino
  3. Design and Implementation of an Arduino Based Smart Home
  4. ATM Security System Using Arduino
  5. Arduino Based traffic congestion control with automatic signal clearance for emergency vehicles and Stolen Vehicle Detection
  6. Arduino based Automated Domestic Waste Segregator
  7. Real-time Location Tracker for Critical Health Patient using Arduino, GPS Neo6m and GSM Sim800L in Health Care
  8. Arduino based Automated Sports Court Drawing Bot
  9. Design and Implementation of Intelligent Light Control System Based on Arduino
  10. Arduino based Smart Borewell Ambulance Rescue System
  11. Smart Door Using Biometric NFC Band and OTP Based Methods
  12. Intelligent Braking System
  13. Voice Assisted and Gesture Controlled Companion Robot
  14. Sand Mining Detection – Using IOT
  15. Automated Smart Locker for College
  16. Obstacle Detecting Multifunctional AGRIBOT Driven By Solar Power
  17. An IOT-Based Smart Aquarium Monitoring System


  1. A GPS-Based Indoor Positioning System With Delayed Repeaters
  2. Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguishing Vehicle
  3. Arduino Based Smart Fingerprint Authentication System
  4. Smart Water Leak Controller in Metro Water Supply Lines
  5. Advanced Automatic Detection of Cracks in Railway Tracks
  6. Camel Monitoring and Tracking System Across Fenced Highways
  7. Study on RFID Based Book Tracking and Library Information System
  8. Design of Smart Helmet for Accident Avoidance
  9. A Development Architecture for the Intelligent Animal Care and Management System Based on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence
  10. Detection of pH value and Pest control for eco-friendly agriculture
  11. Wireless Toward the Era of Intelligent Vehicles
  12. Internet of Everything as a Platform for Extreme Automation
  13. Autonomous Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Home/Office Automation
  14. Renewable Powered Portable Weather Update Station
  15. Digitilized water consumption tracking cum awareness system
  16. An IOT Solution for Secured and Remote Sound Level Monitoring
  17. Smart Safety Monitoring System for Sewage Workers with Two Way Communication
  18. Smart wheelchair integrating head gesture navigation
  19. Conceptual Framework of Smart Device for Smart Home Management Based on RFID and IOT
  20. Pedestrian Detection in Automotive Safety: Understanding State-of-the-Art
  21. IOT agriculture system based on lorawan
  22. IOT solutions for precision agriculture
  23. IOT solutions for crop protection against wild animal attacks
  24. IOT based smart crop-field monitoring and automation irrigation
  25. Animal monitoring based on IOT technologies
  26. Smart health monitoring system with IOT
  27. Fog assisted-IOT enabled patient health monitoring in smart homes
  28. Fast access for zigbee-enabled IOT devices using raspberry pi
  29. Design and implementation of smart home remote monitoring system based on arm111
  30. The development of quail eggs smart incubator for hatching system based on microcontroller and internet of things (IOT)
  31. Intelligent medicine box for medication management using IOT
  32. The design of IOT system for icehouse manufacturing
  33. IOT based solar powered agribot for irrigation and farm monitoring: agribot for irrigation and farm monitoring
  34. Syndrome: spectral analysis for anomaly detection on medical IOT and embedded devices
  35. Design and implementation of IOT based smart laboratory
  36. Context-sensitive access in industrial internet of things (iIOT) healthcare applications
  37. Smart home security using internet of things
  38. An IOT based water supply monitoring and controlling system
  39. Automatic transformer fault detection and protection system
  40. On line temperature monitoring of power distribution equipment
  41. Automatic Optimization and Control of Power Factor, Reactive Power and Reduction of THD for Linear and Nonlinear Load by Using Arduino UNO
  42. Development of energy management and warning system for resident: An energy saving solution
  43. Real time monitoring & protection of coal conveyor using microcontroller
  44. Automotive Crack Detection for Railway Track Using Ultrasonic Sensor
  45. Automatic Power Line Fault Detector
  46. Distribution and Load Sharing of Transformer Automatically by Using Microcontroller
  47. Conveyor automation with dimension inspection
  48. Voice based room light and fan controlling system for physically challenged people
  49. Automatic plant humidification for textile industries
  50. Automatic gas pipe lining system for apartments
  51. Remote Condition Monitoring System for Distribution Transformer
  52. Smart monitoring and controlling of wind farms based on WSN
  53. Automatic conveyor based rice batching machine
  54. Grass Cutting Machine by Solar Energy Power
  55. Mobile Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System Based on Arduino-Matlab for Environmental Monitoring Application
  56. Microcontroller Based Substation Monitoring and Control System with GSM Modem
  57. Touchscreen Based Home Automation System
  58. Vehicular Overload Detection and Protection
  59. Low-Cost Android App Based Voice Operated Room Automation System
  60. Computing optimal scheduling of battery usage in embedded system
  61. Real Time DC Motor Speed Control using PID Controller in LabVIEW
  62. Distance Calculation for Underground Cable Fault Using IOT
  63. Automatic Power Theft Locator
  64. Electricity Billing By Using Power Line Carrier Communication
  65. Bidirectional rotation of single phase induction motor using remote control
  66. Zigbee based wireless energy meter
  67. Smart Attendance Monitoring and Counting System system
  68. Real time monitoring and protection of coal conveyor using microcontroller
  69. Distribution Side Fault Detection and Disconnection Using GSM